About Us





To be a customer-focused technology company capable of providing affordable services and products to every organization and profession that needs automation to boost their productivity.



To create products and services that lead to increase in value of the recipients business or profession. Our endeavour is to help people, through our services and products, do their work with greater efficiency and low costs. We pride ourselves in being known as a “trustworthy organization” amongst our clientele. This in turn will lead to growth and profitability of our organization enabling us to help more people with our products and services.



Perseus is an IT Solutions organization with expertise in all areas of IT Management. We are young, go-getting and are extremely confident of our technical strengths.

The founding team has an IT experience of 27 years spread across major verticals such as Software consultancy, Logistics, Travel, Media, Pharma and Project Management.

We have also worked with international clients in the course of our career for providing development and project management services for customized applications, website and mobile applications. We consider Project Management to be our key strength and are confident to convert your idea into a product within the timelines acceptable to you.
We tend to give equal importance and attention to each and every project we work on as we respect the fact that each project is a reflection of our client’s business philosophy.
It gives us great pleasure in partnering with our clients in their journey to achieve greater business success through the products developed with us.



Product/Services Offered:
Currently we offer software development consultancy services to our clients in various development technologies such as PHP, WordPress, Android, iOS and Ionic. Kyrus Antia, our founder partner, personally also offers project management consultancy to an organization which has it’s own development team but need a consultant to guide them and deliver their projects on time. As of now we are proud to state that we already have around 11 satisfied clients in a short span of 3 years and are concentrating on adding more as we continue our journey towards business development and excellence.