How We Work



We sit with you to understand your business and ensure that you get the product which is most efficient and productive for your business needs.
Scoping is the most important element attributing to the success of any project. A mistake in scoping can lead to difficult situations as the project progresses. This could have a negative impact on time and cost. Hence we give a lot of emphasis on making sure what you require in this initial stage of scoping. We sit with you to understand firstly your business and then how your requirement complements your business. We also do give our suggestions where we feel we can add value. Scoping also helps us understand the complexity of the project and the time frame required to deliver your product to you. This is shared with you so that all relevant stakeholders involved are on the same page as far as the project deliverables are concerned. Once scoping is completed and signed off by you, we move on to the next stage of design and development.

Design & Development


Once we have scoped your business needs, we move on to designing and developing your product. This entails regular updates to you so that at any point of time you know how your product is shaping up.
Before we actually start designing your product we create wireframes of the designs so that you have a clear idea of how the product will look like and how the process will flow. Only once the wireframes are approved by you, do we move on to actually creating designs for the product. Parallelly development work related to system structure is started so that we have the foundation of the system ready while the designs are being created. As the designs start getting delivered, they are integrated into the programs. At this point, we hold regular demonstrations with you so that you are aware of your project status at any point of time. Moreover a project sheet is shared with you for you to keep track of the project too from your end. We divide the project in sprints (based on the Agile methodology of Project Management) and deliver each sprint to you completely tested.



High importance is given to quality control at every stage of design and development. This ensures that you get a high quality product which helps you in achieving your business goals.
During the development and completion of every module and sprint, quality analysis is continuously done. We do our best to ensure that the product is qualitatively superior and stands up to your expectations. We also highly encourage UAT (User Acceptance Testing) so that the user can actually use the product and get familiarized to it as well as ensure that it is in line with his requirements. Quality Analysis is a continous process and goes on till we finally deliver your product to you.



Post testing we make the product live for you and also provide training as to how to use the product. The product is then handed over to you.
On completion of the product we give a final end-to-end demonstration to you and based on your satisfaction we hand over the product to you. Post that we continue to be committed to the product we have developed for you and are always available whenever you require our assistance.