After 26 years in the IT industry and more than a decade in Project Management, trust us when we say every project needs Project Management! A project without a project manager is like a ship without a captain and project seas can get really stormy!!

Still need more reasons as to why you would need Project Management? Well because you want…
• to meet your deadlines
• the best quality to be reflected in your product
• to make sure that you get full productivity
• to avoid re-work
• to control the scope, time and cost of your project
• avoid and mitigate as many risks as possible from your project so as to minimize as many hurdles as possible
• to make sure that proper communication flows between all the project stakeholders
• to close the project successfully

We offer complete project management services involving all the project management process groups – Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Close the project. We will be interacting with all the stakeholders and ensure that the project runs exactly as per the Project Plan that we will submit to you before the project execution starts. We follow the Agile Methodology of Project Management and shall include regular scrums, demonstrations of the product and phase wise delivery of the product.