The Ensnaring Effect of Social Media

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Long long ago in an age gone by, people used to communicate face to face! One had to be in front of another person to get his/her message across. In case you had bank related work, you would have to actually physically go to the bank. People needed to step out of their homes to get work done. Then a revolution happened. This revolution induced people to stay at home and get their work done without stepping out. Banking, shopping, talking to someone….all without having to have any contact with the other person. This revolution caught up like wildfire. This revolution was called Social Media and everybody hailed it as one of the greatest achievements of technology. Shopping portals, banks, insurance companies and practically all and sundry got onto this “social media” bandwagon and soon the whole way we humans used to interact with each other, changed. But was the change for the better or for worse is anybody’s guess, and the jury is still out on that. There is no doubt that it has led to an increase in getting work done in an easier manner and quickly! People can communicate instantly with each other and take relevant decisions within minutes whereas in the traditional method it would take days. It helps us in keeping in touch constantly with our near and dear ones irrespective of which part of the world they are in. Unknown people can connect with each other instantly and learn/share information. Students can do online courses in case they are unable to attend the classes for any reason whatsoever. It has proved to be a big boon for businesses since they can now reach a huge number of potential customers. Nobody in their right mind would deny the fruits of social media.

But, as they say, with the good comes the bad. The major fallout of social media has been the loss of personal communication between people. It is actually diminishing the capability of people to have a face-to-face communication with each other! Also sitting behind a keyboard, one can say anything to anyone without giving a thought as to how it would hurt that person. One, most probably, would never make such statements to someone on their face. Another effect that it has had is that people are venturing out less and less and using social media tools more to interact with each other. Sending message on Facebook, Twitter instead of going out and meeting the other individual. Privacy has taken a big hit. On one hand pictures and video are being hacked and leaked for unethical reasons whereas on the other hand some people are intentionally posting everything about them on social media sites. It has become like a kind of addiction!

If you take a look around on trains or buses, you would observe that most of the travelers are completely absorbed in their phones. It is like the outside world does not exist for them! They are either on social media sites or watching YouTube movies or simply chatting with someone.

They are completely oblivious to their surroundings. Not only during travel but even in our homes we hardly talk to each other nowadays as everyone has a phone and are immersed in it! When was the last time an entire family sat together and had a good healthy discussion on any topic which was not interrupted by the “ping” of a social media message? And what happens when we hear that ping? We instantly pick up the phone and lo the story repeats itself!

Social Media is created by us and hence it is our responsibility as to how we use it. We can fully choose to make the best use of it’s many advantages and be wary of it’s ensnaring power by refusing to be enslaved by it. We need to balance out our lives so that it is not completely overtaken by social media. Definitely use it for it’s myriad advantages but do not let it’s corrupting influence impair who you are as a human being.


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