What We Do

Perseus IT Solutions - Website Development

Website Development

In the world we find ourselves in today it is imperative that your customers can find your business on the internet.

From just an information website to a full-blown ecommerce business we have the skills to get your vision off the ground professionally, quickly and affordably.

We specialise in WordPress sites as well as full custom development in php and HTML to suit your needs. Our publishing products includes Flipbook-style digital magazines to show off your products, newsletters or annual and financial reports with data analytics to understand where your customers’ and investors’ attention is focused.

Perseus IT Solution - Application Development

Application Development

In the world we find ourselves in today it is imperative that your customers can find your business on the internet.

Anywhere from just an information website, to a fullblown e-commerce business or a scalable mobile application we have the skills to get you started quickly and affordably.

Have the next big idea to change the world or revolutionise your business. We have a wide range of skills from Technology Advisory, Project Management, Systems Design and Architecture and complete development to turn your vision from a blue-sky idea into a working product ready to launch into the market.

Perseus IT Solution - Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services

Specialising in Amazon Web Services and GoDaddy we help you architect, set up and manage your cloud application or site professionally and securely. From basic affordable websites to multi-country consumer mobile applications we help you find the right solution to fit your budget.

From our own start to several start-up clients we understand the need to get your business idea into revenue as soon as possible. We help translate your vision affordably and reliably whilst providing you with the best scalable solution to power your ambitions.

We take care of setting up your full server architecture, cost optimisation, future-proofed for your expansion as well as all the daily tasks of ensuring everything is up and running. Our aim is to give you peace of mind with your technology offering whilst you focus on building your business. We give your business the same care we do ours, no compromise. To get started chat to us today

Perseus IT Solution - Technology Advisory Services

Technology Advisory Services

The founders have run technology divisions across several countries around the world ranging from pure startups to large national operations. Having launched our own technology start-up company we understand the pain one goes through in order to find the right business and technology advice. Based on our client demands we are making our expertise available to you to provide strategic technology input to your business to ensure that you are built to grow and to last.
Perseus IT Solutions -Project Management Services

Project Management Services

We consider Project Management to be our key strength and are confident to convert your idea into a product within the timelines acceptable to you. Our Founder Partner is a certified PMP with more than 20 years of Project Management experience. We would be glad to help you manage your projects using Project Management standards so that it helps your business achieve it’s desired goals.
Perseus IT Solutions -Amazon Web Server Services

Amazon Web Server Services

We also provide AWS related services for setting up and managing your hosting on AWS servers. We can also provide you advisory services on how you can architect your AWS setup as per your business requirements. Since we have hosted a large setup of one of our systems on AWS we have got hands-on experience of setting up an AWS environment. Do get in touch with us for any of your AWS related requirement.
Perseus IT Solutions -Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Corporate Info Graphics (Creatives)
  • Daily Social Media Posts
  • Content Writing
  • Reach Post to Targeted Audience
  • Corporate Video Clips
  • Increase Facebook Followers
  • Manage Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Live
  • Increase Instagram Followers
  • Manage YouTube Channel & Increase Real
  • Video Views
  • Create & Update Corporate Portfolio
  • Website
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Images
  • SEO for Google Search Engine
  • Managed Google Knowledge Panel
  • Interviews, Article published on leading online digital media platforms*
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Funnel
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Increase Fans Followers
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Handler
  • Video Corporate Presentation
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    Perseus IT Solutions -Graphics Design

    Graphic Design

    • Brochures, rack cards & booklets.
    • Business cards, letterhead & envelopes.
    • Logos and branded elements.
    • Posters, banners and signage.
    • Social media graphics & digital marketing ads.
    • Email marketing graphics.
    • Corporate Info graphic
    • Political Campaign Graphics
    Perseus IT Solutions -Website Developent