What We Do


Application Development

We will build a customized software application for you keeping in mind what exactly it is that you are looking for. We believe that a software application is a catalyst for growth of your organization and will ensure that we go all the way to make that happen. We understand the fact that the application needs to fit in perfectly with your business needs and satisfy the purpose for which you have undertaken to build it. This is the philosophy kept in mind while developing your product for you.
The best practices and processes of Project Management shall be followed to ensure that the development is as per your requirement and you are kept updated of the progress on every step of the way. The application will be developed in relevant phases so that you can start getting a look at your product from a relatively early stage.

Website Development

A web presence is a sure guarantee of you being visible to your customer 24x7x365! As they say, websites never sleep!
Websites are very effective in increasing customer confidence and have also been instrumental in increasing the organization’s customer base. Moreover websites are global! One can sit anywhere in the world and take a look at your website.
We develop customized websites for you in various platforms such as PHP, Java, .NET.
Once we understand what the purpose for your website is, we suggest to you the website format and the technology which we feel would be most beneficial for you. We also share various design templates with you so as to enable you to make a quick and informed decision of how your website should look. If you so choose, we also help you in registering a domain name and also host the website on a server for you.


Mobile App Development

The power of mobility in today’s highly evolving technology landscape is truly immense. It is a given fact in business today that to be successful, you need to be mobile. Your product portfolio has to be on the fingertips of the millions of mobile customers out there. You cannot afford to miss that market share for your business. The key reasons why you would need a mobile app would be:
1. You need to be visible to your customers at all times
2. It helps you provide value to your customers and engage more productively with them
3. It creates a strong and direct marketing channel for you
4. Mobile Apps build brand consciousness of your product
5. Play a large role in creating brand loyalty
You want to leverage on all the above benefits? This is where we come in to help you! We develop mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows platforms for phones and tablets. We shall ensure that the app is created as per your requirements thus enabling it to complement your business philosophy and fulfills the need it was meant to.

Project Management

After 27 years in the IT industry and more than a decade in Project Management, trust us when we say every project needs Project Management! A project without a project manager is like a ship without a captain and project seas can get really stormy!!
Still need more reasons as to why you would need Project Management? Well because you want…
• to meet your deadlines
• the best quality to be reflected in your product
• to make sure that you get full productivity
• to avoid re-work
• to control the scope, time and cost of your project
• avoid and mitigate as many risks as possible from your project so as to minimize as many hurdles as possible
• to make sure that proper communication flows between all the project stakeholders
• to close the project successfully
We offer complete project management services involving all the project management process groups – Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Close the project. We will be interacting with all the stakeholders and ensure that the project runs exactly as per the Project Plan that we will submit to you before the project execution starts. We follow the Agile Methodology of Project Management and shall include regular scrums, demonstrations of the product and phase wise delivery of the product.