Technology for a better India

Helping communities co-create a brighter future

Uses resources effectively and efficiently

Local action, innovation and solution-making is promoted

Stakeholders collaborate to solve problems

Creates economic opportunity from within the community

Runs in an eco-friendly and sustainable way

Is livable, accessible and safe

Smart Communities

Smart Communities are people-centric and harness the power of its residents enabled through technology to acquire an understanding of the communities’ needs within a continuously changing and emotive environment.

It provides clear, real-time community-driven statistics, data and sentiment to better understand where limited resources can be deployed to maximise impact and happiness of the community as a whole.

Smart Communities make its people feel heard, secure and included in their environment whilst helping them to collaborate to shape their communities.

Digital Communication

  • Green Belt, Recycling & Waste Management
  • Job creation for local community upkeep & clean up’s
  • Recycling education programmes
  • Smart crime prevention and
  • Incidence Reporting
  • Vetted community serviceProvider database
  • Referrals based business and Service provider directory within your local community
  • Green Biz startup development
    Bootcamps for community-
    based schools

Social App Landscape

Social media platforms have revolutionised the ability for masses of people to have their opinions heard. A new generation of technology is needed to turn this valuable information into impact

Persistent: crowd-sourced information that is easily accessible (on demand, used for decision support) 

Contextual: In the Information Age, we are overloaded with information. Technology should help make the right information available, at the right-time when the user needs it the most (location-based, time-sensitive, right format)


Improving Environments

Other Features

  • Powering collaboration: turning chatter into impact
  • Incident & issues management with tracking 
  • Crime reporting & tracking with Community Early Warning Notifications (community & geo-location based)
  • Targeted Messaging & Persistent Noticeboards and Surveys (unlimited users)


Kyrus Antia

Founder Partner

Najen Naidoo

Project & Technology Advisor

Trupti Bhostekar

Sr. Software Developer

Tanvi Rane

Sr. Software Developer

Yakub Ali Shaikh

Jr. Software Developer

Aishwarya Duduka

Jr. Ui/Ux Developer


Virtual Private Communities

  • Smart Communities is a cloud-hosted Platform as a Service empowering communities to collaborate and access their own data
  • Virtual Private Communities or VPCs helps you to keep your data private to your community whilst still accessing all of our global tools
  • Our Secure-sharing module helps you to control and share your community’s data with other stakeholders like councillors, municipalities, local associations, etc to prevent crime or improve service delivery

Residents Onboarding

  • Get customers or residents to join your VPC by simply downloading the Smart Communities App and entering your VPC code
  • Securely add residents to your VPC by optionally requiring them to upload a proof of residence that your team can authenticate them before letting them view your community content

Community Communications

  • Notifications & Noticeboards
    • Publish notifications for future dates or dynamically send saved notifications automatically after a resident joins
    • Set noticeboards on your residents home-screens for pre-set start and end dates
  • Audience Microtargeting
    • Create flexible audience based on countries, cities, suburbs or specific streets that dynamically grow as your residents join
    • Create static audiences to ensure confidential information does not get sent to the wrong people
  • Surveys
    • Take surveys from your community to understand underlying issues, preferred solutions or the sentiment of your residents.
  • Early Warning Alerts
    • Real-time alerts sent to your residents as incidents are reported or after they are confirmed
    • Residents can report back instantly if the issues is still ongoing or resolved and they can discuss the issue to help understand the underlying issues
    • Public broadcasts warn all Smart Communities users before they approach an incident location so they can avoid protests, be aware of criminals or prevent damage to their vehicles
  • Status Updates
    • All users reporting incidents or making bookings get real-time notifications on the status

Incident Management

  • Promote active-citizenry by allowing your community members to report issues in real-time
  • Create ground-level impact, e.g. crowd-sourcing of residents issues, crime data with live feedback.
  • Create actionable intelligence through powerful data visualisation tools
  • Residents can discuss the problem and use this data to understand underlying issues

Setting Tasks

  • Setup tasks directly from Incidents and assign them to Employees or Service Providers
  • Access Employee and Service Providers schedules instantly to see when tasks can be scheduled
  • Give live feedback to customers or residents as to which individual has been assigned to the task and when it will be completed
  • Track when the task is started and completed and instantly ask for feedback from customers.



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